Friday Heh

  • Mister Cup

    [via Leah]
  • Bipartisan Dorm Review: Carman – A detailed upsides/downsides review of the dorm I stayed in when I was a freshman in college, 15(or so) years ago. Among the accurately described downsides of our beloved Carman Hall, “Prison-like walls that do little to combat seasonal depression.”
  • Change Is Beautiful – Heh from a campaign for Credit Unions Of Washington in the form of Carl Weathers delivering uncomfortable inspirational moments to unsuspecting citizens.

  • USB Monkey SD Card Reader – At $12, an affordable and enjoyable office acoutrement from USB Geek.
  • The Blind Leading The Blind – ‘What Does Poned Mean?’ – Because in the end, every conversation in this world eventually leads back to the Jonas Brothers if you give it enough time.
  • Cleansing Product Makes Magic Snow – Neither Obama nor McCain has yet addressed the growing awesomeness gap between Japan and the U.S. This is only going to worsen.
  • Monkey Runs Wild In Tokyo Subway – Dear video remixers: please marry this video track with Yakety Sax and speed it up a bit. Cheers.

  • Man’s ‘Pants’ Password Is Changed – “A man who chose ‘Lloyds is pants’ as his telephone banking password said he found it had been changed by a member of staff to ‘no it’s not’.”

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