From Australia To Atlanta via UK, From URL To Physical Object

I found color palette community thanks to Cocolaco and one of the Pocketmakers tasks. After digging around in there, I found that you can order a set of pre-designed special Colour Lovers Moo cards with pleasing color combinations on the front of each. I ordered some, with no text at all printed on the backs, as something to keep on my desk when I’m in need of color inspiration. Less than two weeks after Cocolaco passed me the site recommendation, here they are on my desk:

Colour Lovers Moo Cards

Feel free to stop by and thumb through them if you need to think color for a while.


  1. What did you get on the other side and and! Sometimes at the e hardware store i get color happy and collect one of every color strip they have in the paint section. those are good to look at too. mmmm.

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