Feeding The Long Tail With Two Gadget Facts

This week I was researching car stereo head units and my new Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M scanner, and I uncovered two helpful facts that took a fair bit of legwork to track down. I’m sharing the two somewhat unrelated pieces of information here in case you find yourself on similar quests in the future. For Car… Continue reading Feeding The Long Tail With Two Gadget Facts

Benchley Is My Co-pilot

Robert Benchley wrote an essay about getting your most avoided tasks done while procrastinating your way out of your absolute most avoided task. Cheers to TruePenny for pointing to a text file of the essay. That was me all day. I was avoiding sorting out a vexing tax issue that will involve lots of digging… Continue reading Benchley Is My Co-pilot

Will you be the one, GTDTracks.com?

I get a nerdy fiendish rush from trying a new GTD application, especially when I've been off the wagon (off is when you're *doing* the bad thing again, right?) for some time. It's like I'm tucking my cute little next actions into their beds and turning out the light knowing they'll slumber well. Will this… Continue reading Will you be the one, GTDTracks.com?