Benchley Is My Co-pilot

Robert Benchley wrote an essay about getting your most avoided tasks done while procrastinating your way out of your absolute most avoided task. Cheers to TruePenny for pointing to a text file of the essay.

That was me all day. I was avoiding sorting out a vexing tax issue that will involve lots of digging around in old papers and proving that which ought not need to be proved by me. By March 28th. So instead of doing all that, I:

  • Washed and folded and sorted several laundry loads
  • Cleaned my living room and moved all of the junk to other rooms where it belonged
  • Collected garbage and put it outside in the h. curby
  • Likewise for the recycling, into its bin
  • Started a new blog
  • Decided to grill which meant
    • Going to Whole Foods for supplies
    • Venturing into the backyard which meant
      • Deciding the unraked autumn leaves on my back patio had to go
      • Raking said leaves, good enough for now
      • Bagging said leaves and will mean putting them out on the corner shortly
  • Cleaned kitchen surfaces with Comet to reduce the ant population
  • Voxed about doing all of the things I was proud of doing

I'm hoping to get to the tax thing tonight.

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  1. That's great. Now I have to get some tasks that are far worse than drafting a really long piece. Maybe doing my taxes? Looking up former clients I didn't like and asking them for more work? Should be fun.

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