The Occasional Friday Heh List

8th Grader Shows More Class Than City Councilwoman Conyers – Credit Ms. Conyers with the willingness to debate a group of short-pants-wearin students on the impact of her tirades against the City Council President, but pity her inability to own up to her bad behavior and make good. [via Craxy] Barbarian Group Nigerian Scammer-baiting –… Continue reading The Occasional Friday Heh List

A Hero To Small Plants Everywhere

I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Pete Hottelet of Brawndo fame while at ROFLCon. He was giving away cans of the electrolyte-packed, thirst mutilating soft drink made famous by the Mike Judge movie Idiocracy. Here’s a clip of a small contribution I made to the Brawndo table. I know a plant… Continue reading A Hero To Small Plants Everywhere

ROFLCon. Wow.

Heh/Meh signs by Extraface When asked about what started his first “Andre The Giant Has A Posse” sticker campaign, Shepard Fairey tells the story that it was for an assignment that asked him to “affect the quality of the day.” I think that’s what motivates the parts of my work I’m most proud of. For… Continue reading ROFLCon. Wow.