ROFLCon. Wow.

Hehs/Mehs From The Crowd
Heh/Meh signs by Extraface

When asked about what started his first “Andre The Giant Has A Posse” sticker campaign, Shepard Fairey tells the story that it was for an assignment that asked him to “affect the quality of the day.” I think that’s what motivates the parts of my work I’m most proud of. For ROFLCon(which was a completely amazing event that I will write more on once I’ve gotten some sleep), I got signs made that said “Heh” on one side and “Meh” on the other, in the hopes that they’d add to the character of the conference and give people something fun to do. The organizers handed them out at the 6pm “live comment thread” and they were put to extremely good use.

Meh on Anonymous' Threadjack
Mehs on Anonymous’ live threadjack

Cheez Meh
Cheez from I Can Has Cheezburger shows his meh face

Tron Guy Jay Maynard Is Heh
Tron Guy is of course heh

Click the “read more” for a few more hehs and mehs.

Anonymous has mixed feelings.
Anonymous has mixed feelings

Moot from 4Chan says meh.
Moot from 4Chan is meh

OCRemix Is Heh and Meh
Overclocked Remix is heh and meh

Check back in my ROFLCon photo set and the overall ROFLCon photo group for more photos. I’ll be uploading mine over the next couple of days.


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