The Occasional Friday Heh List

  • 8th Grader Shows More Class Than City Councilwoman Conyers – Credit Ms. Conyers with the willingness to debate a group of short-pants-wearin students on the impact of her tirades against the City Council President, but pity her inability to own up to her bad behavior and make good. [via Craxy]
  • Barbarian Group Nigerian Scammer-baiting – Barbarian Nick contributes some great material to the tradition of baiting Nigerian “I want to transfer you a zillion dollars” e-mail scammers out of their hideyholes. Catch up to this multipart series: [ 1, 2, 3, 4]
    Aside: Barbarian Blogmaster, this stuff doesn’t seem to show up on the main scroll of articles and I think it’s some of your best material. It makes it hard to keep up as a reader.
  • Tin Foil Hat Couteur:

    Protect yourself from the forces of evil without sacrificing dashing good looks with this jaunty beret/tin foil combo seen on the streets of New York.
  • The Will Smiths – A great album cover that never happened. [in case that link isn’t working, I’ve mirrored it here]
  • ROFLCon Hehs – From the soon-to-be-defunct Super Deluxe blog, SD’ers recollect their favorite moments from the conference, including Tron Guy’s “FAIL” and a live silent Rickroll.
  • Black Hearted – Papermilk uncovers an artful negative comment on a seller.

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