Follow-ups, Notes, And Updates

In no particular order:

  • The MetaFilter community continues to amaze me. After getting some much appreciated help from Extraface readers but no resolution, I threw the Jazz Cap question out to Though I still haven’t found a photo, I got back several solid recollections, a few of which came in within an hour. Here’s one of my favorites, from mochapickle:

    “We owned the whole set. Iconomy’s image is perfect for the fabric, but they were in fact cut like a painter’s cap. There was a hawaaian one in teals and pinks, a black and white and red (and green?) geometic one. Two others, one of them possibly orange, the other one I think primarily red with maybe palm frond accents? My brother and I were big fans of the caps and wore them proudly and completely without irony one full summer in either 1987 or 1988.

    We have pictures, but I think they exploded from tackiness. Good times.”

  • My friend Blake did another distribution of Peanut Butter Dulce De Leches. After a pre-announcement, within an hour of announcing the shipment he had filled up the 32 slots for tasters and then some. He’s got lots of pictures and stories from the tasters in a separate entry. I’m really impressed with the community that has materialized at Blake Makes in such a short period of time, and all the care Blake puts in to it. He also got a nice feature on the Epicurious blog. If you’re interested in joining Blake’s community, tonight would be a good night to do it as he announced a planned chocolate giveaway for tomorrow.

  • One of my Flickr photos was featured in an article on Discovery network’s Planet Green blog. It’s a photo I took with my iPhone of the Tomato Soup at Stone Soup Kitchen on Boulevard in the Reynoldstown/Grant Park area of Atlanta. Kudos to Planet Green for getting the photo credit just right in accordance with the Creative Commons licensing without even needing to ask me. Creative Commons licensing really can and does make art usage easier.

  • A little bit ago I did an interview with Jonathan at lk9 about my experiences at EarthLink and perspectives on where things are headed. Jonathan and his colleague will be road-tripping to SXSW. I look forward to hearing about their way down. And while he was in town for SoCon08, my good friend Chris Heuer interviewed me after we toured a little of intown Atlanta. A few of us had gathered at Rathbun’s the night before to catch up, and the company and the food were excellent. Chris did an impromptu audio review on that as well.

  • Josh and Mike at Voce Communications recently announced that they and Sony released to the community some WordPress plugins they had cnp_studio build for the Sony Playstation blog. From an earlier social media update you’ll remember Mike alluding to the need for social media and communications firms to develop technologies for their clients in addition to just coming up with the ideas. This is an embodiment of that kind of thinking, and it was followed up with an announced partnership between cnp and Voce, and more elucidation on Mike’s blog about the kinds of roles needed to meet social media needs.

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