Leap Year Day Heh

  • The Internet is not done with the Rickroll yet. Once it gets its teeth into something, it just keeps tearing and gnawing.

    The Doom Rickroller Weapon:

    [via dorkus]
    An infographic explanation:

    Made by timbearcub and uploaded by boyshapedbox

    More of those in the Song Chart Pool

  • Chicken Chicken Chicken: Chicken Chicken – This is every managing editor’s horrible vision of what would happen if SEO people finally ran the world. Note: Look for the extremely useful pdf. [via crvs]

  • “Obama Is Viral” – Newly christened blog Heybeus makes the point that Obama’s campaign has been an internet meme magnet. Among the links Matty and Natasha provide, they list three distinct sites all specializing in Obama/lolcats jokes: Lolbama, Yes We Can Has, and I Can Has Nomination?. The 2002 version of me does not believe that this will happen in the near future.

  • “Empty Gestures Have A Posse” – Heh.

  • Garbage Can Thoughts – @ivey hits on something here.

  • FAIL DOGS – They’re cute, they’re lovable, they’re trying to do something and not succeeding at it.

  • Mike Tyson’s Brunch Out – “t’s basically what would happen if you took the Nintendo version of Mike Tyson to brunch at Essex on the Lower East Side.”

  • Crank Dat Truth To You – Via GodTube, a preacher attempts to bend Crank Dat Souljah Boy to his evangelical purposes. The sound mix is mercifully bad.

  • Wash Your Hans

  • “No Sex Policy” Campaign – That it’s on a white van makes it even better. [via Leah Jones]

  • Free Riffs! – Great overdubs of political ads, done by the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 people.


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