Just As I Suspected — Being A Billionaire Really Is Awesome

From an interview with Richard Branson in Wine Spectator*:

"I was in California promoting Virgin Atlantic's inaugural flight to San Francisco and we took all out guests up to Napa, where the Sonoma County Wine Patrol "kidnapped" me. Two guys in a helicopter with fake submachine guns forced our bus down a dirt road and locked me up in a big shed, where naked ladies were jumping up and down in grape vats. I was forced to get in there and join them. They went to enormous lengths to convert us to their wines — and it worked! I've been sold on Sonoma ever since. They are definitely less stuff."

Just as I was about to write this up, my dog found it on the floor of the bathroom and peed on the article.

*(they don't let you see the articles online without a subscrition, so I don't want to give them the courtesy of a link to their home page)

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  1. For some reason this makes me think of those Wendy's commercials where the guy claims to have seen a unicorn, and his wife can only ask about the burger……because I read this and think to myself "Virgin is flying to San Francisco?"

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