The Track 8 Theory

A friend of mine once advanced the theory that musicians tend to put their best songs as Track 8 of the CD. Or stated differently, Track 8's tend to be awesome. Anyone care to agree or disagree?

I'm thinking I should start a project to list out some really good track 8's. Please don't run out and register before I do. Please?

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  1. Agree! A few examples (from which I've crafted into a short story if you read the song titles…):I Believe from Life's Rich Pageant by REM
    Cigarettes and Alcohol from Definitely Maybe by OasisJust Like Heaven from Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me by The CureDo You Remember The First Time? from His 'N' Hers by PulpHard to Explain from Is This It by The Strokes

  2. Couple more examples:The Seed (2.0) from Phrenology by the RootsSoldier Girl from The Beginning Stages of by the Polyphonic SpreeBook Of The Month from Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By by LovageProper Propaganda from Expansion Team by Dilated PeoplesBut for every one of these, I found two or three track 8 stinkers. I also found a bunch with decent track 8s that just arent my favorites.

  3. I personally believe the same thing but for track 4. In fact I had a playlist for years that was called 4-Track that just had the 4th song from every album in my iTunes. (I also had an 8-Track to support your theory :)

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