QotD: What I Love About Vox

In honor of Vox's launch tomorrow, what's your favorite feature or aspect of Vox?

Oh Vox, you're so needy sometimes. YES, I like you. YES, I'm faithful to you and tell all my friends about our great times together. We've been through some rough patches and we've both changed over the couple months we've been together. You've really grown up, and I've come along too. Sure, we've had our disagreements and I still say sometimes when we do that little thing when you ask me a QoTD, you have this distant look in your eye, like your head is a thousand miles away and the answer goes right through that pretty head of yours. But we'll work through all that. I know we will. I've never felt like this about a blogging platform before.

Have some faith, Vox. We're going to make this work. I know, blogging platforms get weary, and jealous, and it's all so scary sometimes. But this is me, baby. Extraface ain't gonna do wrong by you.

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