BarCamp Atlanta Set For October 17-18

Lance reported yesterday that BarCamp Atlanta’s dates are now set for October 17-18, 2008. The official planning site has been updated as well. Keep an eye out for the registration form.

Last year’s BarCamp Atlanta kept my brain whirring for 2 days and introduced me to friends and colleagues I’ve kept in touch with throughout the year, including Michael Ivey, David Cohen, and Andy Edmonds. I also resolved to show up at at least one AtlHack or Atlanta Ruby Programmers Meetup, but that hasn’t quite panned out yet. There’s still time for me to make good on that.

BarCamp Atlanta

It’s not just for web or hardware geeks — if there’s something you’re passionate about doing, sharing, or teaching, whether it’s cooking, crafting, drawing, car mileage-per-gallon shaving, or anything else, bring it to BarCamp Atlanta and share what you love with others. The more diverse the crowd is, the smarter we all become.

More information about the general BarCamp format here, my coverage from last year’s here. and if you’re a business looking to facilitate and be a part of awesome things locally, talk to Michael Mealling about becoming a sponsor.

As If You Needed A Reason To Visit New Orleans

Three excellent events that I don’t think I can make it to, so you should go and eat and drink and take pictures and then come back and tell me about them:

  • BarCamp NOLA, February 16 and 17. The BarCamp format is now a pretty tried and true way to learn things, meet fellow doers, spend time with interesting people, and in some cases, get something specific accomplished. BarCamp Atlanta ’07 was great, and with three of my favorite people participating — Brian Oberkirch, Chris Schultz, and Alan Guiterrez, I’m sure BarCamp New Orleans will be a good time. More on Chris’s and Brian’s blogs.

  • Alternative Media Expo, February 23. I read about this just the other morning on Miss Malaprop’s blog. I really enjoyed Athens’ Fluke festival a couple of years ago, and this looks to be a similar gathering of artists and publishers of all kinds.

  • An Event Apart New Orleans, April 24-25. I haven’t made it to one of these yet but everyone I know who has attended has raved about them. Unfortunately the dates of this one coincide with the first ever Roflcon in Cambridge, MA, which I have high hopes for and will be attending and supporting.

    Other reasons to visit New Orleans:

  • The Frenchuletta at Liuzza’s
    The Frenchuletta.

  • The Fried Crawfish Plate at Frankie and Johnny’s
    Fried Crawfish Plate

Run A Better Product Blog

Below are the slides from the presentation I did yesterday. There’s not a ton of text on them, but if you have any questions about any of the topics I’d be glad to explain roughly what I was talking about.

As far as setup, the idea here is that product blogs are a specific subgenre of “company blogging” in general. I’m using product blog here to mean a blog run by a product team, used as the primary means of communication between them and the outside world. They sometimes get short shrift to the flashier CEO/Executive blogs and regular employee blogs, but really product blogs do a lot of the heavy lifting in connecting users to the company that makes the stuff they use. Smart hiring managers should be looking to hire at least one member of a product team who can think like a communicator/content creator, though it really doesn’t matter who on the team that is.

And here are some of the participants we had:Product Blog Crowd
Photo by Rusty Tanton, some rights reserved

David Cohen is the guy on the far left in the photo and he published his notes over here.

BarCamp Atlanta Short Update

I’m dragging this morning, so just a brief check-in. BarCamp Atlanta went on to the wee hours, in to the morning, and we’re now on day two. So far in a very condensed period of time I’ve heard interesting talks on OpenID, Merb, Web Comics, Second Life, Amazon FPS, and Facebook Apps. I’ve learned about at least two user groups/meetups I’ll now be attending, and met a bunch of people I’ll be keeping up with from now on.

Some people left last night, some, like me, slept on floors of conference rooms or in hallways, and some never went to sleep at all.
BarCamp Atlanta - Day 2

More photos at the BarCamp Atlanta Flickr group.

Two Hours To BarCamp Atlanta

I’m hurriedly shoving things in a bag for tonight’s BarCamp Atlanta session, which in theory lasts all the way through until tomorrow night. I’m very much looking forward to meeting more local developers and getting a glimpse into what’s happening development-wise in these parts. The prototype I’ve been thinking about didn’t come together in time, so instead I’m preparing, if called upon, to share some more thoughts about how to Make Better Product Blogs. I’ll embed the presentation here when it’s ready to rock. I’ll be uploading photos and thoughts whenever I get the chance.