QotD: I Should Make A List

What do you always forget to pack? 
Submitted by quornflour.

I usually have eighteen zillion ac adapters, between phone, camera, comprooter, ipod, ds. I'm usually pretty mindful on the way out, but when I'm packing to head home I've been known to leave adapters at hotels. I once left a really nice dress shirt at the Hilton Garden Inn, and received it back over a year later, all pressed and clean.

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Ask Your Vox BFFs: Neat or Lame?

The tall cylindrical LED lamp. I'm agonizing over it. Keep it or return it? Half the time I think it's perfect for the space, the other half I worry it's Spencer Gifts for grown ups. It can stay one color (controllable via a remote), or go through color progressions. I think when i leave it at unchanging white or unchanging red it looks pretty solid. And the color progression is soothing, almost like looking at a fish tank, but also has a tinge of gimmickry to it. What say you, Vox BFF's?

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Considering The Homemade Peanut Butter Myths

I made homemade peanut butter last night. It went like this:

  1. Buy honey roasted peanuts
  2. Put in Cuisinart and mash mash mash

It's delicious and nutritious, as far as I know. Just as delicious as what comes out of the grinding machine at Whole Foods.

This busted a couple of myths for me:
1. It's cheaper to make your own — Not so much. I paid $3.14 for enough peanuts to make the rough equivalent to a 1 lb. tub like you'd make at Whole Foods. The price is about the same, give or take less than a dollhair.
2. It's more convenient to make your own — Still pondering this one. On the one hand, when all I need is the nuts-only style peanut butter and the only place I can get it is Whole Foods, that's inconvenient. And It's easy enough to keep a mess of honey-roasted nuts on hand at home, and you can buy them at nearly any supermarket. On the other hand, dragging out the Cuisinart and then cleaning the Cuisinart is effortful. Push? Slight edge to homebrew, maybe.

One thing is clear — peanut butter made of nothing but peanuts and ground on demand is so far superior to any multi-ingredient, processed variety that it should have its own name.

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Today is…

  • taxes
  • stf'ing
  • cleanup
  • groceries
  • maybe trying to make homemade peanut butter

Heh, GTD really doesn't want me to make daily to-do lists so I guess this is my way of cheating a little. Are agendas ok? It might be time to look into a new system instead of GTDtracks, or just flush the system and start fresh. I'm carrying around way too many next actions. I do owe stikkit a spin.

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Kurt Vonnegut Passed Away.

I thought Art Buchwald's NYT farewell video was kind of strange, but now I find myself yearning for one from Kurt Vonnegut that I guess was never made. I'm going through the times obituary hoping to find something from him about his last days, something new and with the perspective of the end. Though he was so dark it's almost as if most of his post-Dresden life was lived with the perspective of the end.

In grad school, when I was learning how to use SoftImage in an independent study on 3D modelling, I developed a very short and very ham-handed 3D animation of the cave creatures(were they harmoniums?) from Vonnegut's Sirens of Titan that fed and thrived on soundwaves.The image of these flat, flounder-like creatures that glowed and were nourished by sound was a very powerful one to me. I was a hack of an animator, but in the end I was pleased that I'd learned at least enough to get an image that a book had conjured up in my head out into a form that other people could see. It wasn't far off from what was in my head, either.

Although I never met him, I miss him already and his absence makes me extremely sad. He was one of the most human of human beings, a tribute to what we all are really made of and from. The fact that he was in the world meant there was a poetic and extremely amusing witness to how weird things are and always will be.

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