SXSW Recap: Bespoke Business Cards

Today I’m going through all my notes and memories and business cards and free stuff from this past weekend’s SXSW interactive. This was my third time attending. It felt much bigger than last year, and that both helped and hindered my travels through it. On the upside, there were lots of fresh faces and more… Continue reading SXSW Recap: Bespoke Business Cards

Comment Formatting Tweaks

As my first real WordPress Theme I have a feeling Extraface(currently at version 0.3) is going to be a work in progress for some time. I’ve been trying out some different things in the comments section over the last week or so, and tonight I uploaded some changes the templates and stylesheet. I’m not done… Continue reading Comment Formatting Tweaks

Know Your Extraface Side Projects

Here are a few of the side projects I’ve started, thought about starting, or am in the middle of, all in various stages of animation from just born to undead zombie. If this looks like a foolishly large number of balls in the air, mental clutter, or a team of horses pulling in 5 different… Continue reading Know Your Extraface Side Projects

QotD: My Vox Name

How did you pick your Vox name? Does it mean something?  Submitted by LeendaDLL.   Extraface is a relic in-joke from when companies talked about "extranets" and "intranets". It's the opposite of "interface". I once named an external mail service "extraface" because I figured it's like the face the outside world sees. None of this… Continue reading QotD: My Vox Name