File Under Unanticipated iCloud Quirks: Google Sync and iCloud Contacts Don’t Play Nice

Not a huge deal, but in case you are converting over from MobileMe to iCloud today, and also use Google Sync, you might want to know this:

It only matters for me because I use an Android phone (and an iPad, and a Mac Mini) and have built all of my sync stuff to date around Google Sync since it works so nicely for Android phones. It may or may not end up being a big deal – here’s hoping for not.

In case it appears that I’m flailing my arms around (“going nutsos” in the parlance of our house), really I’m taking it in stride and just wanted to provide a heads-up in case it might affect others in a similar spot. Systems, device configurations, users, and their use cases are varied and complex and there are always kinks to be worked out.

Update: So far I disabled iCloud contact sync, and am continuing to use Google Sync via Exchange. Working fine.

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  1. This becomes much more of a problem if you use both. I use iCloud/MobileMe contacts for my iOS devices, but also want syncing to Google for GMail and Google Voice purposes. As far as I can tell Google Sync does not support grouping of contacts on the iOS devices like iCloud/MobileMe does, otherwise I would abandon syncing contacts to iCloud all together.

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