1. Not only are the hashtags annoying, but the #utils +/- arbitraryNumber are even more annoying. I can infer that you are angry, sad or neutral about your tweet just by reading it. I really don’t think you need to track the arbitrary numbers of your happiness. Seriously.

  2. I do like hashtags as long as they’re not being overused. It is much easier and convenient to find information about a particular subject or event. But yes, adding a tag to each post is stupid, the tags lose sense. Can’t agree about text being in Flickr pictures – after all, text doesn’t really need to be visually appealing. OK, it is #irritating that almost #every #word is being #hashtagged, but adding a tag to the end of a tweet is really convenient.

  3. why stop at hashtags? I’m sick of people wrecking the already hobbled elegance of the english language with “LOL”, “@whatever”,” ftw”, et cetera, and 140 character limits. Being succinct is one thing, but the way us programmers have been able to infiltrate the english language on the web is increasingly degrading the visual asthetic of our language and culture. I would like to see a revival of victorian prose, personally, and get away from using inhumanly small devices as we record our permanent legacy on this digital medium.

  4. In oral conversation, punctuation was ‘invisible metadata’. Now it is explicit. The same thing is happening with hashtags. Today’s weird mark that looks unsightly is tomorrow’s expected mark that looks perfectly normal.

    Eventually people will be writing hashmarks where they don’t need to, just to mark out concepts as ‘conceptual’ — and out of force of habit. Kind of the way people. Have. Started. Using. Periods. For. Emphasis!

    Adapt or die.

    P.S. You are not a curmudgeon actually, you are a pedant.

  5. So, in addtition to the hash tags, would you like the ‘@’ removed too?
    Come on, there are better ways to get around this.
    Take a look at my exampe: http://martiendejong/t++

    It completely removes the hash tags and @ from the messages, but it uses them to filter content.

    It is still in beta, but tell me what you think (if you can get over the fact that I am using hashtags, ofcourse)

  6. Coming late into the discussion but just found your blog today – great stuff :)
    Anyway, although I hardly use them at all, I also don’t mind hashtags in moderation, it makes it easier to track and search on a particular topic that you are following, and find others who I may not be following but that are tweeting interesting things about something I find interesting.

    I do find it annoying when people find ways of using their entire sentences using multiple hashtags or are trying to use it in ways that just try and get their tweet more exposure but has little to do with the subject or has no benefit to those following that particular hashtag except providing extra unnecessary ‘noise’.

  7. Seriously? You unfollow, or unfriend, people who use hash tags? What if I am looking for people in my small little area? I have done searches for keywords, but hash tags are the easiest.

    I’m not saying that we should hash every single word in the twitter update, but still… you dont have to be so whiny over an useful tool.

  8. Personally, I don’t think this topic is worth expending so much energy over. But, I do find it funny that your permalinks appear as # (the symbol formerly known as “pound”).

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