how I pack an overnight bag

I'm noticing it's something of a ritual. There's an order that feels right to it.

First go underwear and white t-shirts. I seem to take one more pair than I think I need — wonder if at some point that was ingrained in me. And I always pack one white tee for each day, though I rarely use all of them. Again, just a ritual.

Then I add in pants(usually jeans), which is easy and not very decision-laden because I almost always wear jeans and  I like most of the ones I have. Often I'll remember to pack swimming trunks at this point.

Then comes a decision point — which public-facing tees to bring. This takes the most brainpower and sometimes I get stalled. Shortly after that is (if it's not summer), sweaters, non-tee shirts, hoodies, etc.

Then socks. This is usually a hunt around the house and a matching exercise.

Then after socks if there's any other clothing item I can think of (extra pair of shoes, dress clothes for a particular function, etc), that goes in next. Then I grab my overnight kit, which is usually already pretty well packed in its usual state in my bathroom.

Then comes electronics and gadgets. Sometimes I have to make a list so I don't forget power cords, adapters, accessories.

Then papers, documents, organizational stuff, things to occupy my time on the plane. Computer gets packed and put away last of all.

Not that you asked. Am I forgetting anything?

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