1. i've been threatening to make another cheeseycake this weekend, but i laid around all day today. maybe tomorrow. and when i make it, maybe i'll save you a slice.

  2. will you make it good and flour-filled and eat it and think of me? i'm a sad sad little celiac this holiday season. so many deeeelightful indulgences that i cannot cannot eat. unless the room is up for some explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting…

  3. I shall certainly do my best. Can modern science not do anything for you? There's no equivalent of beano for flour or an injection to get your mouth around some chocolate cake or something?Tonight I first have to tackle dinner, and the various things I put off until this late date.

  4. I made banana bread. But then I gave it away as a gift. And I also
    discovered that bananas do not last indefinitely in the freezer, but
    that rather they become like mummified, very much like those 10,000
    year old guys they occasionally pull out of glaciers….

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