All this for a screencleaner

For background: Random Good Stuff is a blog I read on the regular. I think I discovered it via Cap'n Ken and it's been one of the more useful and entertaining feeds I read daily. They have a giveaway today of some cellphone screencleaners, and although I probably won't attach a big dangly thing to my phone, I'd like to have something other than my sleeve to use to get the  grubby pawprints off of my phone. My Helio Kickflip(no longer available, sorry hipsters) came with a neat little fob that doubles as a cleaner, and I'm looking for something bigger to keep in my office drawer. RGS's swag should fit the bill.

So here's hoping they slide me with some oil in the form of a screen cleaner. If they don't anyone else is welcome to knit me one.

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