QotD: In Heavy Rotation

What albums are in heavy rotation for you right now? It's the moody, brooding guy show for me at present — Paul Weller's "Heliocentric," Several of The Smiths' joints including "Louder Than Bombs," The Lucksmiths "Naturaliste," and Robyn Hitchcock's Bob Dylan covers, with some Jerry Reed thrown in to keep this truck on the road.… Continue reading QotD: In Heavy Rotation

A Call For Memories – 90's Videos From The Jukebox Channel

The full context, or what "video on demand" used to mean: Back before the days of the series of tubes we call the internet, there was a channel called The Jukebox Network, or the Jukebox Channel, or at some point, "The Box". You could call up and use your touch-tone phone to request videos from… Continue reading A Call For Memories – 90's Videos From The Jukebox Channel

QotD: Howdy Neighbor!

How well do you know your next-door neighbors? My block is pretty tight. In fact, one or two of my neighbors might be Extraface readers. I knowingly let some of them siphon bits from my Wi-Fi network. A few months ago when I was heading out for an LA trip early in the morning, my… Continue reading QotD: Howdy Neighbor!

QotD: The Best Part of Waking Up…

What's your morning beverage of choice?  Coffee, tea, juice?  Homemade or store-bought? I make coffee at home. I grind the beans at the store — one fewer countertop gadget to worry about. I wastefully usually only drink a cup or two from the pot I brew at home, but make 4-6 cups because it tastes… Continue reading QotD: The Best Part of Waking Up…

QotD: Check the Mailbox!

What magazines do you subscribe to, and why? The "and why" part of this is weird.I get: The Believer – McSweeney's's's's excellent magazine. I read it cover to cover. It's not quite as too-clever-for-its-own-good as your average McSweeneys product. Contains things that are good to learn about. The music issue is always grand. London Review… Continue reading QotD: Check the Mailbox!

Lining up shoes by the fireplace

"10/15/2005 I like to line up my shoes in front to of the fireplace." A couple of good friends gave me a really nice blank journal last year. Although I write alot online, I've never been good at keeping a traditional "my inner thoughts" style paper journal. I did a fair bit of that growing… Continue reading Lining up shoes by the fireplace