QotD: Check the Mailbox!

What magazines do you subscribe to, and why?

The "and why" part of this is weird.
I get:

  • The Believer – McSweeney's's's's excellent magazine. I read it cover to cover. It's not quite as too-clever-for-its-own-good as your average McSweeneys product. Contains things that are good to learn about. The music issue is always grand.
  • London Review of Books – Great publication, and has good non-book-reviews too — like essays and diary entries. Sometimes I fear I enjoy book reviews more than books. i have discovered many books I've gone on to read through the LRB. I also prefer to get my political commentary via the occasional LRB essay on politics and news. When the stack gets too high, I take a few of them with me on business trips and polish them off. I'm trying to be disciplined and chuck (recycle, relax) them when I'm done reading them.
  • Wine Spectator (embarassing, but it was a gift)
  • Rolling Stone (which I do not read, but was free)
  • Stop Smiling (ok, I don't subscribe to this yet but I plan to) – a recent find. I need to give it another issue before I decide if I like it enough to become a subscriber. What I read had some great interview, including a Ricky Gervais one I referenced in this very space.
  • ReadyMade – I used to read it for project ideas. I'm now considering unsubscribing; it's gotten too lifestyly lately.
  • Chocolate Cake Monthly – Dad is great.

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  1. I love Wine Spectator! I'm not sure what half of it is talking about-but I think that is what I love about it..something foreign and new.

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