QotD: Howdy Neighbor!

How well do you know your next-door neighbors?

My block is pretty tight. In fact, one or two of my neighbors might be Extraface readers. I knowingly let some of them siphon bits from my Wi-Fi network.

A few months ago when I was heading out for an LA trip early in the morning, my car wouldn't start. My neighbor across the street happened to be awake to hear me trying to get the starter to turn over, and was kind enough to take me to the dog boarding place to drop off Toofis and then to the airport, all at a moment's notice. it all worked out, and I would have most likely missed my flight otherwise.

I walk Toofis on the same route every morning, and it's become part of the ritual to chat with whoever is out in their yard, to find out the latest neighborhood gossip. That's how I first learned that Evander Holyfield's dad lives in my neighborhood, and that the city was coming to trim trees off of power lines a few days ago. And one of my favorite things to do when I get home from work is put my things away, grab Toofis and a beer, and sit outside on the curb unwinding with whoever's around.

We're going through a bit of a transition right now, as three families have sold or are in the process of selling and moving to bigger houses further out from the heart of the neighborhood. It seems to happen around the time they have their second kid.

When I first moved in i was known as "neighbor dave" for a while but now it's just Dave.

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  1. Now see, when I take the dogs on a walk and I see one of my neighbors outside I mumble "god," or "crap," and brace myself.

  2. That sounds nice. The only neighbor we really know is Tim across the hall, who is somehow involved in the fashion industry. But I know probably half of the merchants over on Hudson Street and have a few friends within walking distance.

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