Healthy Boy Brand Has A Posse.

Look for the picture of the baby on the label, they said. This is the best, they said. It's the invincible sauce.

They were right. I'd had sweet chilli sauce on fried chicken before, but da'a'a'amn. Frankly, if there's a way to defeat it, I'm not seeing it.

I know the purists will quibble — "you're a yankee" and "why do I need sawce on mah fried chicken?" Well I didn't say you did, friend. Give it a try. It ain't no thing. Let the baby improve your chicken. Look at how it clutches the bottle like a cherished security blanket. How are you going to argue with a sauce called "invincible"?

Oh it's not wrong. It could be more right, but it's not wrong.

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