My Cursed Threadless Shirt

My goldenrod-colored "My Pet Human" tee from Threadless has become shirt of the hour, hands-down. It's my new best friend. However, since I've been wearing it I've had two strange calamities befall me, both of which were connected to the natural world.

  • Item: I wore it to one of the Braves-Red Sox interleague games at Turner Field. All evening tiny green bugs happily sunned themselves under the lights *on my shirt*. They might have been tiny Katydids. I'd shoo them away but then more would come to roost. It really didn't bother me other than the fact that it looked just plain odd to have tiny cute bright green bugs hanging out on a golden shirt.

  • Item: This morning as I walked my dog I was divebombed and harassed by a crazy swallow. When we came upon it, it started squawking at us. We kept walking. It followed. As if we had taken its eggs and made hollandaise sauce or something (which we hadn't). It took a swoop at my head. We walked faster. Eventually we lost it. I can't help but think it was somehow related to the goldenrod shirt.

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