Shower handle at San Jose Hyatt

San Jose Hyatt No hint of a 'hot' or 'cold' indicator. For any newcomers, this is the latest entrant in 43Showers, a chronicle of all of the hotel shower handles I meet. They're all different, and most are confusing when you're staring at them early in the morning for the first time. Look for the […]

QotD: I wish I could…

Play any instrument or speak any language, which do you choose?Question submitted by Do you get to pick one language/instrument or is it all of them? Being an omniglot would be pretty sweet, as would being a one-man symphony. With the former you'd be practically a superhero, with the latter you're a winner on […]

QotD: Back where I'm from…

Soda? Cola? Pop? What do you say? Any other regional words that set you apart?Question submitted by Gladys. Soda, like what Costanza wanted to call his kid. While we're on the subject, I have found that people don't know birch beer here in the south. Or sarsaparilla. Read and post comments | Send to a […]

QotD: Weekend Wrap-up

What was the highlight of this past weekend? A tie. In this corner, the Battle of Atlanta/Taste of East Atlanta festivities, where I got to learn about the central role my neighborhood played in civil war history, the advantages of British Enfield Rifles over Austrian pos'es, the various bone saws and techniques employed in battlefield […]

The snob and the idiot

"Pretension is a problem because it can be mistaken for knowing a lot about something. Someone who genuinely knows about something can come across as a rather pedantic know-it-all. He can't help knowing things, either. I see the other side of the coin, If you're on the bus and an old woman says, "I hate […]

Female cardinals got a raw deal

Not gonna lie to you. The bright orange beak, dirty gray body feathers, and clumps of factory second red-orange plumage are not nearly as classy as the full-on red pimp suit the dude Cardinals get to wear. Female Cardinal Just noticed a few of these in my neighborhood. Read and post comments | Send to […]

Twitch City Finally Comes to YouTube

twitch city episode 1-01 part 1 Canadia's bestest weird sitcom has been hard to find on the internets/tubes series. Do yourself a favor and watch the chunks now available on youtube. If anyone has the full episodes I'd gladly exchange a kidney for all of them on DVD. Read and post comments | Send to […]

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