The long-avoided hobby assessment part one: crafting

This is going to be long and self-indulgent. Please skip if you'd rather not spend a thousand or so words inside my head. I'm half-assedly dragging around the remnants of a lot of hobbies, interests, and side projects these days. I seek clarity about which of these are still truly of interest and value to […]

QotD: Set Your DVR

What TV show(s) will you be watching this season? Why?  Submitted by Lost – (but I will bail as soon as it becomes Gilligan's Island). Deadwood – Season's over, but whenever those mini-movies come out I'm there. The Wire – As Tom (Tom Talk tom) said earlier today, it's the best show about work […]

Question while I make some dinner

Anyone know why it's standard for supermarket Ricotta to come in 15 oz. packages? Why not just throw another ounce in there and make it like the rest of the wet ingredient packages? Read and post comments | Send to a friend

Neologism of the weekend

"Geotard" – Someone who is hopeless with navigation, even when they have a map and/or directions. Use it in a sentence: "I am a geotard." I've had to drive around in a lot of unfamiliar cities lately, and I've found that my sense of direction can only come from meaningful points of reference and only […]

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