Ev inspired me, too.

Add this blog entry to those I’m reading from people I know and respect (Marshall, Alex, to name a couple) that are publicly thanking Ev Williams tonight for his inspiring them on their career paths and in their respective roles in shaping web culture. Thank you, Ev. Looking forward to seeing and using what’s next.

I Get Older; The Blog Entries Stay The Same Age

Me: “Get off my lawn!” (w/apologies to Grayson D.) I’m thinking about finally closing comments on my lengthy anti-hashtag screed from February of 2008. My opinion of them hasn’t changed much. But they have taken on more frequent use within Twitter, and in the meantime Twitter usage has grown, spread out, taken on more users… Continue reading I Get Older; The Blog Entries Stay The Same Age

A potentially unwitting homage to the link economy

In the culture of blogs, permalinks, trackbacks, and a now somewhat fading ethos of online publishing behavior, to link to something is/was to not only reference it but also to credit it. In linking, we build a new pathway to it, ascribe some authority to it in the eyes of Google and the world, expose… Continue reading A potentially unwitting homage to the link economy

John Henry and the drive-thru queue

Two things about this I wanted to think a little more on: first, most efficient doesn’t always mean most automated. Sometimes a human being with a clipboard, a brain, a smile, and a microphone still trumps an advanced order read-out screen, speaker, and video camera. I’m curious how this started at CFA – was it something they serendipitously observed at one location and shared the idea across franchisees, or was it something they discovered via testing? Second, adopting a new tool doesn’t make your old ones all useless. This is as true for business processes as it is for gadgets. It’s kind of a corollary to “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

Purging and De-cringing a Bookshelf

To make more space in the house and regain some long lost focus, I’m working on paring down, removing clutter, and committing to moving on from old projects that have a lot of physical objects tied to them. Today I’m working on books. As I go through an overgrown bookshelf, it struck me how many… Continue reading Purging and De-cringing a Bookshelf

Here’s All My Photos, Via Pummelvision

My Pummelvision from Dave Coustan on Vimeo. A lot of history in here, including: A tornado that ripped through my neighborhood A lost ferret Foods I made and ate Various trips to faraway places Souths by Southwest Rogue Aprons Dogs, dogs, and dogs Dutch baby pancakes, pretzels, breads, beans, dining on $30/week, dinners, desserts New… Continue reading Here’s All My Photos, Via Pummelvision

Friday Heh

The Mega Man 2 Title Screen In Beads: Expired Domain Girl – A paean to the face that launched a thousand tabs, the girl who has “what you need, when you need it,” – the stock photography model used in the majority of generic domain squat pages. The Battle – The effect of the knowledge… Continue reading Friday Heh

Friday Heh

How Many Paid? – A web app/game that asks you to pay a small fee to join, in order to find out how many people have paid a small fee to join. Moss On Moss – Artist Olly Moss breaks down the conceptual idea behind his beautiful, modernist Dirty Harry poster. Storage Masquerading As Clutter:… Continue reading Friday Heh