Friday Heh

  • The Mega Man 2 Title Screen In Beads:

  • Expired Domain Girl – A paean to the face that launched a thousand tabs, the girl who has “what you need, when you need it,” – the stock photography model used in the majority of generic domain squat pages.

  • The Battle – The effect of the knowledge economy on the balance between tactics and lore.

  • A Really Really (Really) Good Krang Costume:

  • There’s No 404 For Print – And in print, it’s much harder to decline cookies.

  • If You Miss Geocities, You Can Now Have It – Something like this was completely unfathomable in the era of Geocities’ heyday. Could be fertile ground for some fantastic research, or, you know, a surplus of laser rainbow horizontal rules if nothing else.

  • I Love The Grackles – They are lovely this time of year.

  • Walt Trouser Bonanza – One guy is particularly psyched for this new batch of pants from Epaulet.