Friday Heh

  • Poets Ranked By Beard Weight – “First published in England on the eve of The Great War, this quaint publication takes the reader on a fascinating excursion through such topics as False Beards, Merkins, and Capillamenta (chin wigs); Effusions of the Scalp and Face; Celebrated Chaetognaths (chaetognathous = hairy-jawed); and even includes an affectionate mini-essay about the wooly mammoth!”

  • Octopus Steals Video Camera, Films Own Escape – You know, the old, hackneyed trope. Man films octopus, octopus steals video camera, man pursues octopus, man recovers camera, octopus goes free.

  • Photo Out Of Context – As it sounds. The rest of the story is way less interesting.

  • A Flowchart To Decide Which Typeface To Use:

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