Friday Heh

  • The Tauntaun Sleeping Bag Comes Alive – Loyal heh readers will recognize this as a hehful concept from ThinkGeek that appeared here in the April 9 edition. Now, thanks to a licensing deal with LucasFilm, it’s becoming a real product. [Pre-order from ThinkGeek.]

  • As A Goat Herder – The discussion page of the Wikipedia article on “Tickle Torture” is not to be missed. From “As a goat herder, I don’t see how the alleged Roman version of the torture would end up being painful,” to the back-and-forth on whether the woman depicted in the example photo can or can not move her legs laterally based on how she’s tied down. Good stuff.

  • Hotel Funny Time – That’s the only heh here, really. Good name of a hotel in Bucharest. [via Leah]

  • Dear Layout Designers – “Please look closely where you place items in a layout. The title of this magazine now only refers to one part of the baby deal.”

  • Every Day Is A Good Day – For Ice Cube.

  • The Breast Pillow – They really want to make sure you get what this is about, “Soft, supportive, shaped like a pair of breasts; Cover is removable and machine-washable, shaped like a pair of breasts.” [via grabmol]

  • The Fresh Prince Of Hot Air – The story of Falcon Heene told through the Fresh Prince theme song:

    [via Laura Ross]


  1. That facebook status stream may be the biggest epic win of facebook status streams ever.

    I also love that the breast pillow mentioned twice that they were shaped like a pair of breasts. Shaped like a pair of breasts.

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