Some Friday Heh

  • The Curative Power Of The Rickroll:

    Suggested dessert course: I Rick Roll My Senior English Class – I love the awkwardness as the shooter is the only one in the entire room laughing, but he lets the Rick clip go on and on. Even his “Rick Roll. I Had To Do It.” finishing slide gets nothing but stone-faced silence.

    [The Rick Roll defined]

  • Home Brew DSLR Lens – Got duct tape, an eyeglass lens, a DSLR body and a Planters Nuts can? Bing bong, you got a lens. Hoping to see more appear in the 2-photo “Homemade Lenses” Flickr Set.

  • Underwear Without Suspension – I was going to pass on this when I saw it in this morning’s Daily Candy, but Melanie’s commentary adds an extra layer of heh and brings it up to spec:

    either wear panties or don’t, girls

    it shouldn’t be this complicated

    i saw that earlier and it wasn’t nearly as funny without the mel take

    i mean, i’m all for innovation in fashion and otherwise, but this preoccupation with how your crotch is concealed/revealed is ridiculous

    who is this for? gals who think it’s slutty to go commando

    yeah, really classy to stick a pad on your business

  • Corporate Heh Honorable Mention – Sony’s games division gets a heh for their 2008 Game Developers Conference shirts that tease fans waiting for a Playstation3 feature addition called “in-game XMB”. Commenter DaiMacculate sort of stole the show on the Kotaku write-up, however, with this nerdiest of nerd riffs, complete with :P emoticon “…Last thing I want to do is deal with the antiquated vocalizations of the carbon units inside the shirts…”

  • Silly MySpace – The MySpace team loves to crow about how their design ethos is that users should be allowed to do whatever they want in MySpace land. Scoble recently wrote: “…MySpace has a philosophy. One that says that users should be free to express themselves in pretty much whatever way they want. If that means yellow text on a blinking purple background, so be it.” This Eric Rice heh is a tiny example of how their oft-clunky UI can get in the way of all that philosophizing.

  • Puppywar – Puppies face off in a hot-or-not style battle for cuteness supremacy.
  • Jack Horkheimer’s Greatest Hits – Another in the tradition of “I’m not really sure what it is, but I like it.”


  1. Oh, what you got there, my friend, is the Star Hustler. Weirdly enough, I was just thinking about Jack Horkheimer the Star Hustler this week, while watching the lunar eclipse. These were (and apparently still are) unintentionally hilarious astronomy shorts on PBS. Always used to come on in the wee hours. The real thing is even more hehful than the cut-up clips.

    Wikipedia says the series is called “The Stargazer” in the modern era, so as not to be confused with the naked lady magazine.

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