QotD: Books From My Childhood

What books did you love as a child?  Submitted by hearts.  I was a big fan of Roald Dahl and Daniel (Manus) Pinkwater. Pinkwater's earlier stuff is great (Lizard Music and the Hoboken Chicken Emergency stand out in my mind), but he's gotten a little too goofy and cutesy in the past several years. Dahl… Continue reading QotD: Books From My Childhood

We miss those times

Tonight I took out the cookbook my family made in honor of my grandmother. It has her original hand-written recipe cards photocopied onto sheets with loosely related photos next to each, and typed versions of all the recipes. The project was done while she was still with us, and my mom helped her come up… Continue reading We miss those times

All this for a screencleaner

For background: Random Good Stuff is a blog I read on the regular. I think I discovered it via Cap'n Ken and it's been one of the more useful and entertaining feeds I read daily. They have a giveaway today of some cellphone screencleaners, and although I probably won't attach a big dangly thing to… Continue reading All this for a screencleaner