QotD: One Lump or Two?

How do you take your tea or coffee?
Submitted by Vasquez.

Coffee: Black, unless I'm somewhere that serves bad coffee, in which case I have it construction worker style, cream and sugar.

Tea: Depends on the type. Standard English Breakfast or a good Earl Grey I'll take with milk and sugar. Infusions I'll have undoctored, with the exception of blended varieties like Moroccan Mint. Green teas get nothing in them. Iced tea is a completely different beverage. I'll go sweet tea in iced.

As for the usual drinking habits, I drink a metric ton of black coffee in the morning, and then one cup of green tea or occasionally another coffee in the afternoon.

An extraface fun fact: drinking coffee at night does not keep me awake, so shut up.

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  1. No coffee for me, thank you. I'm addicted to unsweet tea with Splenda.Fun fact of my own: I don't drink soft drinks of any kind. The closest I come is my standard Vodka tonic with double lime (and that is only for the occasional social event at a restaurant).

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