I distinctly remember a couple of days ago thinking "that's a dumb place to put that id badge, I'll never find it there" but then going ahead and putting it "there" anyway.

No idea where it is, and no idea why if I realized that at the time, I ignored my own better judgement.

For effect I was going to add a YouTube video of The Pixies' Where Is My Mind, but then I got lost in the world of horrible video covers of the song. Doing a YouTube search yields a legit Placebo cover, a legit James Blunt cover, and approximately 398 hehfully bad video covers like this one:

Hey dorks, when Frank Black says "Stop", he means you.

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  1. The Pixies…sighs…I saw them in Saskatoon a couple of years ago. Just after I came to terms with the fact that I'd never ever see them live EVER. Then the heavens opened and they reunited for one tour. Omigod! I have SCARS from that show. I nearly wet my pants. Or maybe I did, but just a little. I saw Frank Black a couple of weeks back. Started the show with an acoustic medley of Pixies songs. Made me wonderfully gleeful. Ah, the Pixies…

  2. For those of you who were concerned, I found my id badge. It had slipped between the driver's seat of my car and the center console. Happens.

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