hobby assessment part 2: how about a roll call

Before I break down another interest like I did the crafting one, I'm running down the list. I'll add to this as they occur to me later:

  • crafting (check)
  • reading (yeah, it counts, and yeah, the shapes do still make pictures in my head sometimes)
  • amateur entrepreneurship/product development/world domination planning
  • cooking/baking
  • sitting around
  • vintage scooter ownership
  • homeownering
  • photography/snapshottery
  • letterpress
  • vidya games
  • extraface (awwww)
  • is skirt-chasin a hobby?

some additionals i'm considering on top of it all:

  • learning trumpet
  • volunteering my time somewhere
  • habitual gym-going
  • starting a youngish person's bridge club
  • night-putting
  • something with audio and/or video

and the ones that i've already decided aren't making the cut:

  • learning to draw
  • ebay tycoon
  • community government (i'll attend the meetings, but i ain't runnin' for office)
  • selling grit subscriptions
  • ruby on rails developer (i hereby promise to remain the only man left on earth who isn't "currently teaching myself ruby on rails")

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