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Friday Heh

  • YouTube Comment Or E. E. Cummings? – With an answer key so you can put your knowledge to the test. [via @dylan20]

  • Art On Money For Money – Brilliant. “My latest art project is pulling in the money quite literally. I’m currently doing a series of pieces on dollar bills. Not only is this a fun art project to work on but so far I’ve sold almost half of the pieces I’ve created making this a brilliant hundred dollar idea, I’ve sold 5 of the 11 pieces I’ve created thus elevating my professional credentials as an artist. It’s rather exciting.”

  • A For Hehfulness On A Parent/Teacher Conference Form – “Topics I would like to discuss” include “How to emulsify a sauce without starches or egg.”

  • Being A Dave Has Secret Benefits:

  • 1999 Called – A heh for anyone who lived and worked on the World Wide Web during its first ascent:

  • Animal Tattoos For Talking Hands – I love this because it’s like a simplified and purchasable version these hand paintings from several hehs ago. Could I get away with just an Animal Tattoo as a Halloween costume?

  • Bell Biv Dafoe – Now you know.

  • Two hehful tumblelogs I’ve started to read – Rappers That Suck and Lamebook.

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  1. I like those terse notes left to protect food and beverages in the work fridge. My personal favorite was a can of coke with a note that said simply said: “NO.”

    October 25, 2009 at 9:49 pm (#)

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