Friday Heh

Sorry so slow today:

The Friday Heh

Personas Identity Bar

This is an art project by Aaron Zinman at MIT. It seems to flip through search results and chunks of text with your name in them, and assemble this visual of how your expressed interests and topics of conversation around you stack up.

Personas | Metropath(ologies) | An installation by Aaron Zinman

I like how kinetic the whole process is. Try it with your name.

Advice To The Ten Years Ago Me

I was talking to Leah about a project I worked on ten years ago, and the question came up of what advice would I give that version of myself — from 2009 Dave to 1999 Dave. Here are the three thoughts that popped in to my head:

  • Don’t worry, AOL is not going to remain/become the browser/platform of choice.
  • Trust your instincts on digital engagement strategy; the business jerks will catch up to it.
  • Ask for forgiveness more often and permission less.

Stay classy, 1999 Dave.

How Different Groups Spend Their Day – Interactive Graphic –

Via @johnmorton, a fun and interesting infographic at NYT to play around with about how Americans spent their day in 2008, according to the American Time Use Survey. Cropped screenshot below:


A couple of interesting things I noted as I flipped between highlighted slices of the graph:

  • People without kids work less and watch more tv and movies than people with kids.

  • Degrees or no degrees, everyone seems to sleep roughly the same amount of hours.

  • On average (across employed and unemployed), people spend 3 hours and 25 minutes on “work”. Slackers.

Testing The Extraface Yard Sale: GI Joe Comics Magazine #1 – Free

Update: Sold!

I’m testing out a plug-in that allows me to list items for sale. More often, it’ll probably be items that I’ll give away free as long as you’re willing to pay postage. It’s my own little freecycle, except for your postage dollars, I’ll go to the trouble of shipping things to you.

To kick things off (and test the plug-in I’m using), here’s GI Joe Comics Magazine issue #1, yours for the taking. You know, like the major motion picture in theaters now. It’s in pretty good condition, though I’m not a comics collector so I don’t know how to rate it against some sort of index.

GI Joe Comics Magazine #1

Yours for zero dollars, just pay the media mail shipping costs so I don’t have to shell out for that. (Update: had to change it to one cent plus $2.49 shipping, because PayPal doesn’t like free.)