Not a bad list for a week's worth of groceries.

  • Half-pound of good prosciutto. in this case, Whole Foods "American Prosciutto"
  • Thing of good smoked mozzarella
  • $4 chunk of really good Gouda
  • Best bread you can find, couple small loaves instead of one biggie
  • OJ and Coke Zeroes
  • A breakfast yogurt for each day of the week; I already have some wheat germ
  • Honey roasted fresh in-store-grind peanut butter
  • Store brand of all-fruit raspberry jam
  • A few apples
  • Tortilla chips and a small container of Mango/pineapple fresh salsa

With this list, I ate breakfast and dinner really well (still bought food at work for lunch, mostly for convenience), and enjoyed everything I ate. It's light on fruits and v's but it's honest. None of the food went bad, or even flirted with going bad, before I ate it, and it was all entertaining to eat. It's not cheap, but it's also not generating rotten food in my fridge.

Well done, groceries.

(Edit: to be clear, there's plenty left over too, and I don't even think it'll rot while I'm away next week.)

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  1. This entry just sparked an intense desire for brie and apples on ciabatta. And Trader Joe's doesn't open for another 11 hours and 45 minutes.

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