A Little Bit Of Soul: Turntable.fm

(Update: I think they need to put that /down screen back up. It’s still super buggy. *Seems* to be working again.)

There’s been a lot fun and human about Turntable.fm, right down to the lovable, JIT, slapdash maintenance screen they just flipped on. It makes a big difference in terms of how I bond to an app.

I haven’t been this excited about the early-ish stages of a community since my summer of Vox.com, and maybe Sissyfight.com before that.


  1. Dave – know of any way to get an invite w/o being on Facebook? I requested one a while back and they must hate me

  2. Are you just not on FB at all? The model seems to be to spread via FB Connect – I think that’s the only auth system they’re using. If you do use FB and are friends with me, try using the FB connect button and it should get you in.

  3. I’ll get Sarah to do it – she is on FB and I am sure she is friends with you

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