Friday Heh

  • Tablecloth Hour – A Japanese arcade game (or is it a sim?) currently in public testing that challenges you to upset a virtual placesetting by yanking a square of physical cloth.

  • The Rosa Parks Of Blogs – “Absurd Comparisons By Real People Using Famous People.”

  • A Brain Paper For The Mysterious Dr. Khoo – A case of mistaken identities stretched into an extended back-and-forth between Dr. Zachary and an emailer who thinks he’s a *different* Dr. Zachary. (NSFW: Salty, limit-testing language)

  • Worst Business Idea Ever – He really thought he had something there.
    [via Gregg]

  • Sincerity At The Point Of Contact – Love the bowing banktellers on this Japanese ATM “card declined” screen.

  • How To Be Awesome:

    I knew I was missing something. It was the mushroom grips and the Tubes tee.

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