Some Friday Heh

  • The Tyrant Clock – “The clock syncs up with your cell phone, randomly goes through your contact list, and then calls someone different every three minutes after your intended wake up time. It displays in a large size the name of the person who’s about to get their own wake up call from you. The potential for it to call someone and in some way completely ruin your life is huge.”

  • South Butt Responds To North Face Lawsuit – It’s not every day when you read a legal brief that includes “…and despite candor being employed in conveying the message that the consuming public is well aware of the difference between a face and a butt…” [via Chris]

  • This:

  • Hipster Puppies – It’s both cuter and funnier than you expect.

  • Architecture Of The Sandwich – “…in which journalists overextend themselves to compare local sandwiches to notable works of architecture.”

  • Why Are The Low Library Steps Unrunnable – Good, snotty comment exchange on the Columbia blog Bwog about why the famed steps are so hard to traverse. What stayed with me was this anonymous burn: “This is standard art hum fare. congrats bwog for listening in class.”

  • Tracy Porter’s Interception in Super Bowl 44 As Told By Tecmo Super Bowl:
    [via Gregg]

  • I, Too, Endorse Vanity Barcodes – Rectangles are for losers. These things have been screaming “lil help?” for years. [via Rubicante]

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