Introducing webChattr

Just born: a simple, embeddable chat service engineered to work as well on an iPhone as it does on regular web browsers. It’s Chris’ baby, and it’s called webChattr. Feel free to grab it for use on your blog or web site, or just go to to say hello right now in real-time.

In fact, say hello right now from here(update – widget removed for maintenance and replaced with a static image for now):

webChattr: Live Web Chat Rooms by

To create a new channel, you just type anything following this pattern: into your browser’s location bar. So to create a new channel about 43showers, I’d just visit

Also, if you care about Apple stuff, stop by the Stevenote channel tomorrow during MacWorld to take part in the geeky live coverage and backchannel conversation.

As far as feature set goes, there are a few especially neat things, but Chris mostly focused on simplicity/ease of use and robustness of the service itself. You can easily set it up to direct people to the same channel from more than one source. Each user can occupy more than one channel at the same time. The dynamic timestamps on each chat message are a really neat touch. And it doesn’t require a registration/login, so anyone can just pop on and use it. All what you’d expect from someone who strives to make insanely useful stuff.

Ginormous congratulations and props to my friend Chris on this. In case you don’t remember the name, he and I worked together in my EarthLink days, and I interviewed him on Earthling about his work on drag and drop functionality for the myEarthLink start page. He has been slaving over a hot development environment for months now, and I promised not to share it until he gave the nod. Great work, Chris!

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  1. another fun one for conferences is to have audience comments going behind the speaker. maybe not so fun for the speaker but…

    also, I’m in the market for another spotify invite if you hear anything. thanks!

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