First Hehs of 2008

  • The Evil Eye Baby – Take that, dramatic chipmunk:

    [via Creevus, and to Creevus via the show that dare not speak its name]

  • Really Awful Hip Hop Chains – Some of the most baroque art around can be found on the necks of the likes of Ghostface, Kanye, et al.

  • The Shoreditch Decapitator – A guy who goes around painting over advertising signs to make the depicted look like they’ve been decapitated. His full 23-photo collection and the opportunity to friend him up on Flickr.

  • You Can’t Tase This

  • Is it Sike or Psych? – A blog entry on the reduction of train cars in the DC Metro quickly degenerates into a comment flame war about the proper spelling of the legwarmer-era taunt in the title. NotoriousREG’s opinion on the matter:

    “Having grown up in PG County Murland (that’s not a typo) it’s definitely spelled “sike.” Yes I know what the technical root origin of the word is but if you actually grew up the area it’s “s-i-k-e. Y’all bamas be trippin’.” [via Craxy]

  • Not Good, Larry – Nothing warms my heart like negative political ads. Thanks to Alan for pointing out this New Orleans gem.

  • Kitty Wigs – No really, wigs for cats. And only $50, too. So sorry, felines. [via squirrelene]

  • Bleach Manga Chapter 306 – Do not watch this video of a cackling pig if you are susceptible to earworms. [via jason]


  1. Ah, that’s startin the year off right. Though I think the pig is misfiled. More creepy than heh.

    (Oh, and it’s “psych,” of course.)

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