BlogOrlando Session Preview: Blogging In Product Development

At BlogPhiladelphia in July, we had a great discussion on Blogging And Business in general. At BlogOrlando this Friday, my session will focus on a smaller slice of that — Using Blogs For Product Development. I’d like us to think about and share ways product teams can use blogs throughout the lifecycle of product management. We’ll go beyond the theoretical and really focus on specific, practical tactics.

Whether you’re on a product team, lead a product team, or work with wily product folks in general, I’d like you to come away with some new ideas for how blogging about your product and process can flow logically from what happens in your everyday working life. I’ve listed some discussion starters and links below. if you have additional ideas for what you’d like us to cover, or would just like to introduce yourself, please come on by and leave a comment.

  • Recent user-driven changes at Palm and Apple
  • Lessons from Joshua and crew’s excellent product blog
  • How Agile development methods can lead to easier, better product blogging
  • Using blogs, your own and others, throughout the product lifecycle
  • Blogging through big product changes
  • Making usability interesting

Looking forward to it!


  1. This sounds awesome. I’m really sad that I won’t be able to make it. Looking forward to any and all liveblogging, tweets, Flickr photos, and other assorted social media goodness. Y’all have fun!!

  2. Dave,

    I bet you have some interesting stories to tell from your experiences with product blogs at EarthLink. ;-)

    For those that don’t know, Dave and I worked together to create the first product blogs at EarthLink (Reader and myFavorites).

    We had good intentions – I’ll say that.

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