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Below are the slides from the presentation I did yesterday. There’s not a ton of text on them, but if you have any questions about any of the topics I’d be glad to explain roughly what I was talking about.

As far as setup, the idea here is that product blogs are a specific subgenre of “company blogging” in general. I’m using product blog here to mean a blog run by a product team, used as the primary means of communication between them and the outside world. They sometimes get short shrift to the flashier CEO/Executive blogs and regular employee blogs, but really product blogs do a lot of the heavy lifting in connecting users to the company that makes the stuff they use. Smart hiring managers should be looking to hire at least one member of a product team who can think like a communicator/content creator, though it really doesn’t matter who on the team that is.

And here are some of the participants we had:Product Blog Crowd
Photo by Rusty Tanton, some rights reserved

David Cohen is the guy on the far left in the photo and he published his notes over here.

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