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Monthly Archives: September 2007

BlogOrlando Session Preview: Blogging In Product Development

At BlogPhiladelphia in July, we had a great discussion on Blogging And Business in general. At BlogOrlando this Friday, my session will focus on a smaller slice of that — Using Blogs For Product Development. I’d like us to think about and share ways product teams can use blogs throughout the lifecycle of product management. […]

Ten Least Popular Boy Scout Merit Badges Of 2006

Or “Why Johnny Can’t Public Health.” I credit Swivel.com with helping me discover a personal interest — potentially enlightening data points just lying around on the internet waiting to be shared. I came across this data sheet on 2006 Merit Badges a while ago while researching some specific numbers on the membership of the Boy […]

First Entries Are Impossible

And they can slow you down more than they should. Time’s a wasting, and I need a new online home pronto so I’m launching this before it’s fully cooked. The comment and individual entry page styles are a bit of a mess, there are a few important features missing, and I feel like the front […]

Ticketmaster Trying To Warn Me Of Something

Subtle. Cornuto! Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ lasuna 60 tablet bottle $258.00 | lozol 1.5mg pills $129.00 | haridra 60 tablet bottle $214.00 | sildenafil citrate 130mg pills $165.00 | imigran 100mg pills $229.00 | buy viagra in canada | aristocort 40mg pills $142.00 | ed trial packs cialis 20mg […]

Good One, BV

Bacon Veneer The Bacon Veneer company totally pwns the search results for the term "bacon veneer." Well done, sirs. Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ tadalafil 50mg pills $351.00 | tentex royal 10 tablet box $252.00 | viagra gold 800mg pills $227.00 | buspar 5mg pills $82.00 | serpina 100 tablet […]

Updates and weekend plans

I'm not sure how much longer I'll be using Vox — maybe this will remain a convenient place to use as a public scratch pad, or it could be that I'll want my new online home at extraface.com to have all of that. There's a lot I like about Vox, but when the character of […]

Trying to come back. Trying.

I keep saying I'll just come in to the main page and answer the QoTD to kickstart the voxing again. But none of the QoTD's have been doing it for me. I'm developing another blog elsewhere and it's tbd whether I'll keep this one up or not. The New England Aquarium "How does that feel, […]

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