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Monthly Archives: November 2006

QotD: In My Next Life I'll Be…

If you're reincarnated, what do you think you'll come back as?Submitted by Diana. There's no "you". Nor is there a spoon. (edit: ) Ok, there is a spoon, he just never writes anything. Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ lukol 50 tablet bottle $142.00 | ddavp 10mcg 2.5ml spray $360.00 | […]

Vox Hunt: They Get Me

Show us the person who knows you best. enough to win I mean Doug, not Anthony Quinn. Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ estrace 2mg pills $127.00 | confido 60 tablet bottle $56.00 | motilium 10mg pills $115.00 | depo-medrol 16mg pills $155.00 | altace 1.25mg pills $83.00 | aciphex 30mg […]

I never

  I've never had a build a birdhouse contest with a significant other. Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ generic cialis soft tabs | duloxetine 40mg pills $118.00 | luvox 50mg pills $172.00 | professional cialis 20mg pills $64.00 | obtain viagra without prescription | viagra india | levitra 20mg with […]

QotD: I Rock The Mic

What song makes you rock the karaoke mic? Submitted by Ann. I'm told my initial "Forgot About Dre" at my 30th birthday party brought the house down. I should never have brought it back the following year. What a disaster. I also like Deano songs, particularly his rendition of "King Of The Road." Read and […]

QotD: Top 5 Video Games

What's on your Top 5 video games list? Submitted by mileena. 1. Arcade version of Cyberball2. The Halos3. The Splinter Cells4. Superior Mario Brothers5. H and H Presents Extreme Bagel Cutting Blamboree — Online Edition Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ how much does cialis cost | aspirin 75mg pills $97.00 […]

43 Showers: Baton Rouge Motel 6

43Showers – Motel 6 Baton Rouge Can't complain about these controls. A highly effective plastic sticker labelling system made them easy to operate. The shower wasn't terrible. Water pressure was below-average. Baton Rouge water has a greasy, filmy thing going, which I speculated is a handy and thoughtful city additive to replace the need for […]

I like how Robotobots think.

"in 20 minutes we’d rather hit you with five or six tracks rather than three or four. sure, there will be the occasional song that sticks around longer but 3:30 is our new sweet spot. run in with blades and lasers, fuck shit up, bounce, and hit you with the next attack while you’re still […]

QotD: Pizza Preference

How do you eat your pizza:  folded, flat or with a fork and knife?Submitted by danimass. Wholly depends on the slice in question. At Cameli's, I often go Mr. Pitt style, with the knife and fork. At Koronet near in New York where slices are just massive, you'd fold a cool-ish slice, but not a […]

Tell John Scalzi That You Voted

John Scalzi on his Whatever blog asks for comments to an entry on his blog from anyone and everyone, just saying that they voted. It just says "I've voted today. Presuming you're eligible to vote in the US, let me know when you have, too." It's not about who voted for whom, just the fact […]

Election Day 2006: My Dog Says Meh

Every morning I get one prophetic monosyllabic word out of my dog Toofis as he unleashes his first yawn of the day. It often sounds like "Yow" or "Reow" or even "Har". But today, swear to god, he said "Meh." Meh. Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ maxalt 10mg pills $206.00 […]

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