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Backdated: I’m Gale Sayers Years Old

I only updated Facebook at the time. The shame. This year, I turned Gale Sayers years old. [ ampicillin 250mg pills $136.00 | famvir 500mg pills $179.00 | 50 mg cialis | vardenafil 10mg pills $310.00 | viagra gold 800mg pills $291.00 | best natural viagra | levitra 20mg pills (brand) 40 $233.00 | methocarbamol […]

Today, I’m Gaylord Perry Years old.

They say every year is unique. The thirty-sixth can’t be all bad, as it’s framed by a denim shirt, a landline, and a glass of fine chilled chablis. I’m Gaylord Perry years old. [ zoloft 25mg pills $112.00 | amaryl 2mg pills $154.00 | zocor 40mg pills $259.00 | pfizer viagra 50 mg | viagra […]

If You Thought Catfish Hunter Was A Good Age To Be

Yeah, it should be another fantastic year. I’m Rickey Henderson years old. [ coumadin 2mg pills $138.00 | fluoxetine 40mg pills $253.00 | retin-a 0.05% cream in 20g tube $46.00 | calan 120mg pills $118.00 | duphalac 200ml bottle $120.00 | cialis super active 20mg pills $214.00 | zoloft 25mg pills $96.00 | flomax 0.2mg […]

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