Forming Like Voltron at Voce

I’ve read, and written, my share of “I’ve accepted a new job” blog entries over the years, and I always cringe a little when they invariably sound a bit over-earnest or too dramatic. I’m aiming to keep this one on an even keel. I’m thrilled to announce that today is my first day as Vice President, Content Strategy and Planning at Voce.

Is Clay Davis And The Wire's "Sheeit" From Kentucky? The Evidence

Actual audio sample captured in the wild on a recent trip to Kentucky: Sheeit? unknown Bear any resemblance to this?: Sheeit. Update: that one got taken down. Here's another sheeeit: Shiiit Read and post comments | Send to a friend

Clay Davis Got Hosed

Sheeit. Edit: can't seem to embed google video clip, so here's a link:Dad Got Hosed.Translation for the PG audience: "Sheeit." I'm investigating a rumor that this same actor says "Sheeit" in the movie The 25th Hour. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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